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Silent Gliss 3900 - Corded Metal Track

The Silent Gliss 3900 Corded Metal Track is the Rolls Royce of curtain tracks. It has a slightly larger profile than the 3000 track and has roller gliders. This means that the 3900 can take up to 22kg of weight and maintain an extremely smooth operation. This track has the best of Silent Gliss’ glider and track technology that combine to make the most efficient and reliable track that we supply. When fitted in conjunction with the cord tensioner the curtains can also be pulled by hand.

For medium to heavy weight curtains, the 3900 is unbeatable.

From: £112.70 RRP: £132.59

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From: £112.70 RRP: £132.59

When Silent Gliss introduced the 3900 to its range it was a revelation in curtain tracking. Never before had a track had a combination of such high spec engineering and development. The 3900 curtain track combined the aluminium profile with roller gliders which makes the working of the track Silent, smooth and exceptionally easy to use. Other glider types slide in the channel which causes friction and are therefore harder to pull as well as needing to be sprayed with lubricant (silicone based) every few months to maintain their peak working condition. The roller gliders on the 3900 glide on the rim of the front channel to prevent dust build up and to avoid resistance, and can carry on at full capacity for many years. The eye of the glider is also thrown forwards to avoid the curtain creating friction on the track when operated. The separate cording channels enables the track to bend forwards and backwards at any angle to a radius of 150 or 200mm and can be curved to form a semi-circle or gradual curve bow shape. The track comes complete made to order with all the necessary components including a metal overlap arm, gliders at a rate of 10 per metre and 1.5" universal face fix or top fix brackets at a rate of one every 60 - 80cm. Corded tracks are regarded as a and much better option than uncorded tracks because you do not have to handle your curtains which can soil the curtains and damage them over time. When the 3900 cords are also secured to the wall, the 3900 can also be pulled by hand without causing any damage to the mechanism. All parts are held in stock and the 3900 can be assembled and despatched within 48hrs if required.

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