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Bay Window Curtain Poles

Bay windows are great features, bringing loads of natural light into your home and giving you more space and panoramic views. When it comes to dressing the window it is far better to have something bespoke or custom made than an off-the-shelf DIY product. If you have a round bay window you have curves to contend with, and square shapes need curtain poles bent to sharp angles for a perfect fit and to ensure your curtains move freely around the bay. Try as you might, it’s virtually impossible to get it right with some DIY curtain poles.

Our bay window curtain poles and tracks are bent in our factory by engineers using special equipment. We use advanced computer software to check your measurments, draw out the bays and plot them to scale. That way, you know they’ll fit and you don’t have to worry about making a mistake.

Quality products made to measure

All our bay window products have been chosen for quality and their ability to be bent to fit. These include the stainless steel Bradbury pole, which is a traditionally shaped design specially created for bay windows. In fact, it’s the only bespoke, stainless steel curtain pole for this purpose you can buy online. Its innovative design means you can move the rings past the supports with ease.

We also have the Metropolitan pole (Metropole) from Silent Gliss, which combines the convenience of a curtain track with the style of a customisable pole design. Gliders mean you can open and close the curtains smoothly, with or without a cord, and there are a range of sizes and finishes available. Whether you want a simple flat design or a pole shape with finials and midials, we’ve got something for everyone.

Why not DIY?

You might think you can just go to a hardware store and get a DIY curtain track, but it’s not as easy as that. Designs you can bend yourself are invariably light and of poor quality so you can shape them without specialist tools. Our bay window curtain poles are the best available and our range can deal with seriously heavy curtains. We don’t sell DIY products for the simple reason we don’t think they’re worth the money.

Order online

To order online or see how much it will cost, all you need to do is find the design you like, select your window shape and click ‘Go’. You’ll then enter the measurements of your bay window, answer a few simple questions and you’ll be given a price.

When it comes to measuring, we’ve got lots of diagrams, guides and tools to help you, but if in doubt you can get in touch. We’ll talk you through the whole process so you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you need.

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