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Silent Gliss 7640 - 50mm Corded Metropolitan Metal Pole

The Silent Gliss 7640 Metropole curtain Pole can carry the same weight of curtains as the 7630 Metropole. The difference is the diameter of the pole is 50mm rather than 30mm. This makes the 7640 Metropole ideal for fitting high up as the pole thickness will still make it a prominent feature of the room. Smaller poles can disappear when fitted high up. The 7640 is also corded with the same an internal cording system as the 7630 to avoid having to handle the curtains. The 7640 can also be bent for bay windows but has a larger radius that may mean it is not suitable for small bay windows.

This product replaces the Silent Gliss 6160 50mm pole

From: £348.44 RRP: £409.93
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From: £348.44 RRP: £409.93

The 50mm 7640 Corded Pole from Silent Gliss is the corded version of the 7620 50mm diameter Metropole. The same as the 7630 but a larger diameter. Like the 7620 it is most suited for rooms with high ceilings and large windows and is only suitable for bays over 400cm or very large gradual curves. The extra large diameter does not make the pole any stronger or able to carry any more weight than the 30mm pole but is created to be a visually more dominant pole. Designed to be bold and make a statement that makes the pole the main feature of the room. The 7640 corded 50mm Metropole comes in a selection of nine available colours and uses the same finials as the other 50mm poles. The pole comes ready assembled with a choice of either the top fixing or face fixing brackets and covers as well as ten gliders per metre. Like all the Metropoles in the range the pole has separate channels that allow it to run unhindered by brackets.

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