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1.5" Universal Standard Bracket for Tracks

Standard bracket used on the 1080, 1280, 3000 and the 3900 Tracks. This nylon bracket gives a 1.5" projection from wall or fitting position and can also be used to top fix into a ceiling if required. At least one is required every 60cm. Extra brackets may be required if the fixing position is weak.

From: £2.29 RRP: £2.70

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If you order a straight Silent Gliss 3000, 3900, 1080 or 1280 you will receive (included in the price and assembly) one 3630 Bracket for every 60cm of track. For example a 150cm track would come with three brackets. The 3630 Universal Bracket is called universal because it can be used to secure any one of the aforementioned tracks top fix (to a ceiling or pelmet board) or face fix (to a wall or frame). The bracket is made from nylon (not plastic) and is therefore extremely strong and will not break through use or over a long period of time. Some other bracket types, particularly the tracks that are sold in DIY stores or in acetate packs at set sizes, come with plastic brackets which degrade over time especially when exposed to direct sunlight. The Silent Gliss 3630 universal bracket extends the tracks 42mm from the wall to the centre of the track. Each bracket is sold individually.

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