The Silent Gliss 3900 Corded Curtain Track

Welcome to our blog, where we delve into the exceptional features and benefits of the Silent Gliss 3900 curtain track. Silent Gliss revolutionised curtain tracking with the introduction of the 3900, combining high-spec engineering and development to create a track that redefines smooth and silent operation.

Silent Gliss 3900 Curtain Track Overview:

The Silent Gliss 3900 curtain track is a marvel of engineering, seamlessly blending an aluminium profile with roller gliders to deliver a silent, smooth, and exceptionally user-friendly experience. Unlike other glider types that slide within the channel, causing friction and requiring frequent lubrication, the roller gliders on the 3900 glide effortlessly on the rim of the front channel. This design not only prevents dust buildup but also ensures the track can operate at full capacity for many years.


Key Features:

  1. Whisper-Quiet Operation: The 3900's roller gliders eliminate friction, providing a truly silent operation.
  2. Smooth Gliding Mechanism: The aluminium profile and roller gliders make the track exceptionally smooth and easy to use.
  3. Durable Design: Roller gliders are engineered to withstand years of use without compromising performance.
  4. Cording Channels: Separate cording channels allow the track to bend forwards and backward at various angles, offering flexibility in design.
  5. Easy Installation: The track comes complete, made to order, with all necessary components, ensuring a hassle-free setup.


When Silent Gliss introduced the 3900 to its range, it marked a significant advancement in curtain tracking technology. The roller gliders not only prevent dust buildup but also eliminate resistance, allowing the track to function at full capacity for extended periods. The eye of the glider is strategically positioned forward to prevent curtain friction on the track during operation.

Moreover, the track's separate cording channels enable it to bend forwards and backward at any angle, with a radius of 150 or 200mm. This flexibility allows for the creation of semi-circles or gradual curved bow shapes, adding versatility to your window treatments.

Corded tracks, like the 3900, are considered superior to uncorded tracks as they eliminate the need to handle curtains directly, preventing potential soiling and damage over time. When the 3900 cords are securely fastened to the wall, the track can also be manually operated without causing harm to the mechanism.

All parts for the Silent Gliss 3900 are readily available in stock, allowing for quick assembly and dispatch within 48 hours if needed. This ensures a timely delivery of a superior curtain track that combines functionality, durability, and elegance.


Customer Spotlight: Answering Your Questions

Q: I'm looking at the Silent Gliss 3900 track and am wondering if the overall length includes the end pulley section?

A: Absolutely, the overall length of the Silent Gliss 3900 curtain track includes the end pulley section. If you have a specific length in mind for the entire track, including the end pieces, simply let us know, and we can make the necessary allowances for the pull section.


Q: What makes the Silent Gliss 3900 different from other curtain tracks?

A: The Silent Gliss 3900 distinguishes itself through its exceptional silent operation, smooth gliding mechanism, and versatile design. Unlike traditional tracks, it adds a touch of elegance to your space without compromising on functionality.


Q: Is installation a complex process for the Silent Gliss 3900 curtain track?

A: Not at all! The Silent Gliss 3900 is designed for easy installation. With clear instructions provided, you can either choose to install it yourself or seek the assistance of a professional for a hassle-free setup.


Q: Can the Silent Gliss 3900 be customised to fit my specific window size?

A: Absolutly! The Silent Gliss 3900 curtain track is customisable to fit your windows to perfection. Simply go to the 3900 product page and fill in your measurements and when prompted and and we'll ensure your track is tailored to your requirements. Even better, if your track arrives and it doesnt fit, then we promise to repalce the track free of charge, even if you have put the measurments in incorrectly.


Q: What weight curtains can be hung on the Silent Gliss 3900 corded urtain track?

A: Thge 3900 can take up to 22kg of weight and maintain an extremely smooth operation.


So, In conclusion, the Silent Gliss 3900 curtain track stands as a testament to innovation and quality in the realm of window furnishings. Its silent operation, smooth gliding, and versatile design make it an ideal choice for those seeking both functionality and style. If you're ready to enhance your space with this exceptional curtain track, reach out to us. Your journey to a more refined and elegant living space begins with the Silent Gliss 3900.