Bending curtain pole and tracks

Have you ever wondered about the meticulous process behind creating perfectly fitted curtain tracks for your bay windows? One of the most common questions our customers ask is Do you hand bend tracks and poles or are they preformed pieces? At Tracks Direct, we take pride in our commitment to precision and customer satisfaction. Let's delve into the details of our unique approach to curtain track bending.


The simple answer we hand bend all tracks in our warehouse in High Wycombe.


Handcrafted to Perfection:

When it comes to bending curtain tracks, we believe in the artistry of handcrafting. Every measurement you provide is meticulously translated into a tailored solution right at our factory. Our skilled craftsmen use specific tooling to hand bend the curtain tracks, ensuring a bespoke fit for your unique window dimensions.


Cutting-Edge Automation:

Embracing modern technology, we employ a cutting-edge automated bending machine. This advanced machinery is a cornerstone of our process, allowing us to create accurate representations of your window based on the measurements you supply through our website. The technology not only streamlines the process but also detects and resolves any potential measurement queries.


Quality Assurance:

Before the curtain tracks are dispatched to you, they go through a thorough quality assurance process. Our Sales and Customer Service team, working in tandem with our advanced technology, ensures that all measurements are accurate and confirmed. This collaborative effort guarantees that your curtain tracks are ready to seamlessly adorn your bay windows upon arrival.


Material Excellence:

The majority of our curtain tracks for bay windows are crafted from high-quality aluminium. Exceptionally durable, these tracks are designed to withstand the test of time. For the Bradbury Stainless Steel pole, we make a special exception to offer a premium alternative. Our commitment to using top-notch materials ensures that there's an inherent tolerance, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your bay window needs.


Our Customer Promise to you:

At Tracks Direct, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Even in the rare instance of any issues, we wholeheartedly accept responsibility. Whether it's a manufacturing error or a measurement discrepancy, we'll remake your curtain tracks free of charge. Your peace of mind matters to us.