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Silent Gliss 5600 Electric Curtain Track With Radio Module

Electric curtain tracks are becoming more integrated and sophisticated. The Silent Gliss 5600 takes the operation of the 5600 basic motor and adds an integrated radio receiver so that it can also be controlled by hand held radio transmitters. The electric curtain track still has the same functionality as the Basic motor and still has the "Touch and Go" system which automatically takes over the operation of the curtain track when the curtain is pulled by hand but also adds radio control integration capability to the existing functionality. The motor on the Silent Gliss 5600 integrated radio system can still take 65kg of weight and operated on lengths up to 15 metres. It is still the quietest track and motor on the market and can also ben bent to suit bay windows. The 5600 curtain track system also comes with a five year warranty. If you have a large window, heavy curtains and want to control your curtains with a hand held transmitter then the Silent Gliss 5600 electric curtain rail with integrated radio module is the ideal choice.

From: £1,962.74 RRP: £2,309.11

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Silent Gliss Single Channel Remote - £303.42
Silent Gliss 5 + 1 Channel Remote - £303.42
Silent Gliss 10 + 1 Channel Remote - £369.77
No Remote Required
From: £1,962.74 RRP: £2,309.11

The Silent Gliss 5600 electric curtain track is ideal for heavy weight domestic use. It can carry up to 65kg in curtain weight and has many clever features such as the "touch and go" operation which will close the curtains automatically when pulled by hand. It can also be fitted with a radio remote module that can link to radio control systems, handsets and remote switches. It can also link to wifi via the Move Server set that will allow you to control your curtains via an App for smart phones and tablets. The basic 5600 track can be linked to Home Automation systems via mains or low voltage systems or by radio control with use of radio module system. Also available is a recess profile for fitting within a ceiling. The recess profile can also be bent along with the track so that the two fit perfectly into a ceiling recess. The 5600 comes as standard with roller gliders but also available are the Silent Gliss wave gliders and wave roller gliders that create a unique and attractive curtain heading. The 5600 system can be bent for bay windows and systems can be supplied up to 15 metres in length. Did we also mention that the 5600 is the world’s most silent electric curtain track system? The Silent Gliss 5600 curtain track is truly the king of curtain tracks.

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