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Silent Gliss 10 + 1 Channel Hand Held Remote Transmitter (remote control) - 5600

The Silent Gliss hand held transmitter with 10 channels has an added feature. As well as being able to control 10 different systems or groups of systems with a spare channel to control them all at once. It also has a built in timer which can open and close the curtains at set times. The timer also has an Astro setting which will gradually change the opening and closing times to keep in sync with the changing daylight hours. The ten channel remote control also comes with a magnetic wall bracket for safe storage.

£369.77 RRP: £435.02

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The ten channels remote transmitter is the most comprehensive control method used on the Silent Gliss 5600 electric curtain tracks and remote operation blinds.  One of the largest benefits it has, that make it worth the upgrade from a single remote to the ten channels remote is the daily and weekly programmable timer.  The Ten channels remote is bi-directional which means it will send and receive information to the curtain track or blind.  This allows the integrated timer to tell the curtain track or blinds to open and close at programmed times.  The Astro setting also adjusts these times each day and week to allow for the changing times of sunrise and sunset.  The ten channels on the remote hand set will allow you to control up to ten separate systems or groups of systems individually or simultaneously.  It also has an additional channel that allows for the groups or systems to be split further into two seperate groups.  The combination of operations for this hand held remote is extremely flexible and will allow multiple options on systems.  Ideal if you have separate systems around the house that require different operating times.  The remote control is available in three colours, White Silver and Anthracite.

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