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Silent Gliss 5100R - Autoglide Electric Track - Radio Remote Operation

Silent Gliss 5100R – Autoglide Electric Track – Handheld Remote Operation
The Autoglide range from Silent Gliss is known for motorised curtain tracks that are both cost-effective and high-quality. The 5100R option is a great choice if you’re after a simple and easy way to control the operation of your curtains.
The Silent Gliss 5100R Autoglide track is a motorised electric track with a handheld transmitter for opening and closing your curtains. Operate your curtains from the comfort of your sofa with the easy-to-use remote control.

Remote Controlled Electric Curtain Track
The handheld transmitter operates your track by sending a signal to the motor, which contains an integrated receiver. The track is operated by radio signal, which is superior to other types of signal, such as infrared. Radio signals can travel further than infrared, meaning you can operate your tracks from a longer distance away.

Useful Functions
No electrician or pre-wiring is required for installation, as the Autoglide electric curtain track can be plugged into a mains socket.
The 5100R has a ‘touch and go’ system, which is designed to take over the operation of the track if you try to open or close your curtains manually. If you experience a power failure, the manual override function means your curtains can still be operated by hand.
The Autoglide track operation also has a soft start and close feature, so your curtains decelerate as they come together.

Silent Gliss 5100 Autoglide Range
The Silent Gliss 5100R Autoglide electric curtain track is designed for light to medium weight curtains that weigh up to 25kg. This curtain track is made-to-measure to meet your requirements and can be bent to fit the shape of your window.
The Silent Gliss Autoglide range has four different electric curtain track designs. These include; Switch Operated, Radio Remote Handset Control, Timer and Switch or the Total Control with Timer and Radio Remote Handset. Take a look at the full range to find an electric track to suit you.

From: £673.61 RRP: £792.48
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From: £673.61 RRP: £792.48

Silent Gliss and Autoglide are two brands that can be trusted in the electric curtain track industry.  Autoglide has always been known as a cost-effective electric track whereas Silent Gliss are known for high quality and innovation.  The latest version of the Autoglide from Silent Gliss, the 5100, brings the latest in remote technology and operation, improves the quality while also adding some additional features.

The Autoglide 5100 Electric Curtain Track is available in four options, Basic Switch Operation, Timer Operation, Radio Remote Hand Set and the Total Control that combines all three.  All four options also feature some unique functions including:

  • The Autoglide Electric Curtain Track has an integrated radio receiver built into the motor so that you do not need a relay or sensor in view to receive the signal. 
  • In conjunction with the integrated radio receiver in the motor, all controls for the Autoglide Electric Curtain Track have a transmitter built in enabling them all to be wireless.
  • The Autoglide Electric Curtain Track can be bent in our factory to suit various shapes of bay windows.
  • The Autoglide Electric Curtain Track operation has a soft start and close feature meaning the curtains decelerate when coming together.
  • The Autoglide electric curtain track can be top fixed to the ceiling or fitted to the wall with either a 2”, 3” or 4” bracket.
  • The Autoglide Electric Curtain Track is suitable to be used with the wave curtain heading system which will create a smooth flow of curtaining, a very modern and minimal style.  For more information, please see our Wave Curtain page.
  • There is no need for an electrician or any pre-wiring, the Autoglide electric curtain track plugs into a mains socket.

The Silent Gliss Autoglide 5100 Electric Curtain Track is the best available standalone electric curtain track on the market and is ideal for light to medium weight curtains and bay windows.

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