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Roller Wave Gliders 80mm pitch for 6100, 6120, 6130, 6140, 6150, 6160, 3840 and 6243 Poles and Tracks

Priced and sold per metre.

The Silent Gliss 80mm wave roller glider is used in conjunction with the wave curtain heading tape to create the attractive wave heading style. The gliders are joined together by cord at 80mm intervals to create a gentle flow of curtaining that stacks back further than traditional curtain headings. The roller glider makes the wave suitable for heavy curtains and longer drops. These gliders are compatible with 3840, 6100, 6120, 6130, 6140, 6150 and 6160 poles. The wave effect gives the same type of appearance as eyelets but with the added bonus that the curtains are under the pole allowing them to pass the brackets without hindrance.

£67.66 RRP: £79.60

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Wave is a fantastic curtain heading and very modern. The look of wave is ideal for people who want a minimal look without the fuss and frills of most heading styles. The wave curtain heading snakes in and out creating a very even and symmetrical wave of curtaining. On the practical side it stacks back tighter than any other curtain heading as the fabric is moved back and forth, the fabric never stacks between the gliders so each glider is pushed as close together as possible. The creates a perfect tight, uniformed stacking. The roller wave is designed for heavy curtains and is only available in 80mm spacing which creates a 10 centimetre wave back and forward. The wave roller glider is sold per metre.

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