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  1. How do we package our products?

    How do we package our products?

    We understand that transit of made to measure products can be a worry for our customers. We often get asked “What happens if it gets damaged during delivery?”, “How do you package your products?”, “Why do you use so much packaging?”.

    The last thing we want is a damaged product and an unhappy customer, so we have set procedures in place for each product type, to ensure that everything is securely and safely packaged for delivery. We even offer a guarantee, if your product doesn’t fit, or it is damaged, we will replace it free of charge.

    Straight Poles & Tracks

    All our straight poles and tracks are packaged in solid
    cardboard tubing, and securely fasten at the end with heavy-duty staples to stop the ends coming off and the product from falling out.

    Bent Curtain Poles & Tracks

    We want to ensure that

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  2. Getting it Right First Time: How Our Order Process Works

    Getting it Right First Time: How Our Order Process Works

    It seems a little foolish to make a big deal out of good customer service these days. After all, it’s something every company should be doing – there’s no need to shout about it. Having said that, we often get customers who want to know how our order process works and are amazed at the lengths we go to to make sure things are right first time.

    Here’s a quick rundown of how things work.

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