How People are Getting Ready for Winter – with Curtain Poles

If you went to see some fireworks over the past week or so, you’ll have noticed how dark and cold it’s getting out there. Winter is on the way, and we’ve noticed a growing trend here at Tracks-Direct. Whether they’re preparing for the festive season or trying to save some money, a lot of people are buying curtain poles right now.

Cosy Curtains to Fight the Cold

Curtains with winter landscape

If you’re the sort of person who thinks of hibernating hedgehogs with a touch of envy, you’ll want to make your home as cosy as it can be. Since the clocks have gone back the evenings seem darker than ever, and it’s cold too. Curtains are the perfect solution.

Not only do curtains stop nosy parkers peering in when you’re watching the telly, lined versions reduce heat loss, so your home is more efficient to keep warm. That means lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

The downside is that lined curtains made from thick, quality fabric are heavy, especially if you have bay windows, which tend to be taller and wider. Buying a new curtain pole or track is a great solution as you can tailor the quality and strength of the pole to the weight of the curtains.

Curtain Poles for a Family Christmas

Another reason to update your curtain poles this time of year is to get the house ready for friends and family coming over for Christmas. If it’s your turn to do the entertaining or you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve party, you’ll want the place looking its best. Small changes like painting a feature wall, hanging your curtains differently or investing in some new cushions can make a big difference, especially when you add a Christmas tree and some decorations to the mix.

The in-laws will be especially impressed if you invest in some nifty gadgets to get in on the home automation trend. House-wide audio systems and fancy lighting are popular, but electric curtain tracks are one of the most practical things you can buy. They can be set up to automatically close when it gets dark (either with a timer or a light sensor), which is great if you often forget or are going out. Opportunistic burglars often target empty properties around Christmas time to swipe presents, but electric tracks are a great deterrent as they make it look like you’re at home.

Christmas decoration


Autumn and Winter DIY

Now is a great time of year to be doing all those odd jobs you’ve been putting off around the house. Lagging pipes to make sure they don’t freeze up, clearing autumn leaves out of the guttering and blocking any holes that cause draughts are all useful things to do.

You might also think about investing in one of our bay window curtain poles. A lot of people make do with poor quality poles or buy several shorter ones, but there is a better way. We bend our tracks and poles to the exact shape of the window so they’re easy to fit and look fantastic.

If you’d like to update your home in time for Christmas, give us a call on 01494 460198 or fill in our online form.

Images courtesy of m.a.r.c. and Hades2k (Flickr)

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