Electric curtain tracks and automation for those with limited mobility

If you or a loved one is finding it difficult to get around, don’t lose heart. There are lots of automated technologies and nifty gadgets that can help you stay independent, whether you’re feeling the effects of age, suffer from a disability or want to make things easier for Mum and Dad.

Adjustable beds

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep to make your daily activities seem easier, but if you’re in pain overnight that’s not likely to happen. An electric bed can be a big help as you can lift the head or bottom to help you sit up or find a more comfortable position in which to sleep. Reading and watching TV is made easier, and the beds are especially good if you have a bad back. You can even get versions with massage functions built-in.

Electric curtain rails

Reaching up to draw the curtains can be a problem if you have mobility issues, but closing them is really important. Not only do curtains help retain heat in the winter, keeping heating bills down, they increase security by letting burglars know someone is home. Electric curtain tracks open and close the curtains for you. The simplest of these systems work by remote control, but you can also get timers and light sensors so you don’t need to remember to do anything. Whatever system you use, the rails will save you getting up or pulling the curtains from the bottom, which can damage both the curtains and the pole.

Riser chairs

It’s a good idea to remain as mobile as possible if you want to stay independent, so you want to be able to get up easily. Riser chairs look like a standard reclining chair with a high back for comfort, but at the push of a button the seat lifts and tilts to help you get back on your feet; perfect if you have aching joints or arthritis.

Stair lifts

Stair lifts are getting really clever nowadays, and are safe and effective. Climbing the stairs is one of the biggest challenges if you’re having trouble getting around, so a chair lift is a big help. Modern versions can be fitted to almost any staircase, even if it has curves and angles in it.

The Aging Population

As there are now more people in the UK who are over 60 than under 18, preparing our homes to help the elderly is becoming increasingly important. People are living longer, but they also want to stay active and independent. Recent research from Age UK shows that people are increasingly improving their homes rather than moving, and using automated technology can make a huge difference in improving quality of life.

There are often grants and loans available from your local authority to help with home improvements, and as specialists in curtain tracks and poles, we can give you advice on our range of electric curtains. The Silent Gliss 5090 comes with a number of different accessories so you can easily fit a timer or light sensor.

Image courtesy of Stannah Stairlift (Wikimedia commons)

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