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Silent Gliss multi-channel timer for 5100

This multi-channel wall timer for the Silent Gliss 5100 Autoglide track range allows you to set the timer on up to 16 separate units. It has a wireless range of over 25 metres through ceilings and floors. 

£157.25 RRP: £185.00

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Do you have multiple electric curtain tracks in your home? The Silent Gliss multi-channel timer can be connected to up to 16 Autoglide 5100 systems. This multi-channel timer provides the flexibility to choose set times for your tracks to open and close. Rather than purchasing several individual timer systems, you only need to buy one multi-channel timer. Each basic Autoglide 5100 electric track system has a built-in radio receiver so that no other additions are required. You can set the open and close time on all your curtains from one unit, to give you peace of mind when you’re away from home.

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