Specialists in made-to-measure bay window curtain poles and tracks

Most of the products on our web site are bespoke made to measure styles of curtain rails that are made, bent and assembled in our own factory. We are manufacturers and suppliers of bespoke curtain poles and curtain tracks and we’re certainly not a middle man.


Silent Gliss Metropolitan pole Bay Window

A bent Silent Gliss Metro pole 6130.


We are the only manufacturer of bay window curtain poles and tracks to use software technology in order to check a customer’s measurements and plot a full scale diagram for our engineers to use in order to make the particular curtain tracks or poles. The software we use checks customer’s measurements and ensures that the measurements that we have been given are correct. If they are not then we immediately contact the customer and ask for the measurements to be re-checked. This system ensures that no curtain rail is ever bent incorrectly and eliminates human error from the drawing and bending process, giving you peace of mind that nothing will be designed without a 100% guarantee that it is correct. We understand that measuring windows at certain heights and bay windows can be difficult. We can often pin point where customers have made a mistake, and ask for one specific measurement to ensure the curtain rail is bent to the correct dimensions.

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