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Silent Gliss 7650 - 50mm Electric Curtain Pole - Total Control Operation

The Silent Gliss 7650TC is an electrically operated 50mm diameter curtain pole that can be operated using a switch, timer or a hand held remote control. The 7650 is designed to look like a curtain pole but work with the efficiency of an electric track and the added benefit of the 7650TC is that the curtains will open and close via a timer even when you are not around to operate them. This makes for an excellent security device as the opening and closing of curtains would normally indicate that someone is in the house. It also has a remote control that allows you to operate up to three 7650 electric poles from one hand held control. You can operate the set of curtains either individually or all together with the press of a button. This product is brilliant at combining the design and style of a pole with the functionality of a track whilst acting as a security device with the added luxury of being able to close your curtains by remote control. This is the ultimate in home automation.

The 7650 range replaces the Silent Gliss 6150 range.

From: £1,099.32 RRP: £1,431.41

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From: £1,099.32 RRP: £1,431.41

The Electric Pole with a Total Control System is the pinnacle of curtain drapery. The Pole is a 50mm Metropole with a 5100 electric system fitted inside. The Pole is available in seven different colours and can be top fixed flush to the ceiling or face fixed to the wall using an adjustable 0334 Maxi bracket (8 – 11.5cm) as standard. The Silent Gliss 7650TC operates with either the use of a timer, remote control or switch. It basically operates in any way possible except linking to your smart phone, if you wish to do that with the 7650 you will need to speak to us as we can provide a more intelligent electric pole system that will even link to your computer, tablet or smart phone. The timer is an excellent addition to home security and can open and close the curtains whenever specified. To complete the system a radio remote control is also supplied allowing the working of the curtains from a distance. We can also make the same system but using more advanced and stronger curtain tracks. These take the Silent Gliss 5600 systems and integrate them into the 50mm Metropole. These systems can be used with integrated radio or home entertainment systems and can carry up to 65kg of weight. Please contact us by phone or e-mail if you are interested in an integration or heavier duty system. Like all the Silent Gliss electric tracks and poles the 7650 Silent Gliss Electric Metropole is a belt driven pole, this means that it is has a rubber belt with cogs inside the track that are directly powered by a motor that then drives the track and makes the curtain open and close. This is the most efficient and reliable way for an electric system to operate. A cheaper system is available on the market which takes a corded pole or track and uses a separate motor detached from the track to operate the cords of the track. We would advise anyone looking at these systems that they are unreliable and usually result in the motor slipping and the cord snapping.

Please contact us by phone or e-mail if you are interested in an integration or heavier duty system.

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