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Neo 19mm Curtain Pole with Rings

The 19mm Neo pole is a metal pole that operates with rings.

The Neo pole is not a made to measure product. It is an economically packaged pole that comes in four sizes, complete with finials and brackets. If required the pole can be cut down to suit your window size on-site. Such is the quality of the Neo Range that we felt it deserved a place among our made to measure curtain poles.

The Neo pole is a modern, minimal pole that comes in two colour selections and has a choice of four different finial types.

The 19mm Neo range is a quality packaged product suitable for light-weight curtains, nets and voiles. For medium-weight curtains the 28mm pole or Galleria Range would be more suitable.

As a ready-made packaged pole the Neo range does not come with passing brackets and passing C-rings, although they are available as an extra. Also available as an extra are double brackets that enable you to fit one pole behind the other. This is ideal for fitting nets and curtains to the same window.

Customers that are interested in a pole of a higher standard that is made to measure with a multitude of colours and styles should look at our Galleria Range or Designer Range of poles with rings.

Those customers who want an economical but still attractive solution to their window dressing requirements need look no further than the Neo Range.

From: £96.52 RRP: £113.55
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Spun Brass, Trumpet Finial
From: £96.52 RRP: £113.55

The Neo pole is a packaged product available in four set sizes, two different colours and with a choice of four different finials. The Neo range is the only product that we sell as a packaged set size product as it is the only packaged product we deem to be of a good enough quality to sell. The Neo range operates with rings in the traditional way and is designed to have an option for either a modern vibrant room or a more traditional style. The Neo pole is an economical option for small, straight windows and is not designed for heavy curtains or long windows. Ideal for use on small straight windows that are using voiles or nets to dress in a modern or traditional room. For larger windows or bay windows the Bradbury Pole or Silent Gliss 6130 are the better alternatives.

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