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Electric Double Layered Roller Blinds

These double layered roller blinds are similar to traditional roller blinds, but with a modern twist. A layer of fabric is set behind another layer, with a roller mechanism to rotate them. The fabric has transparent and opaque sections, which can be rolled to adjust the level of light that comes through. This product variation is electrically operated for ultimate ease-of-use.

From: £400.51 RRP: £471.19

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Sahara Dark Shadow
Victoria Steel
Sahara Steel Grey
Arabia Grey
Victoria Silver
Gibson Ice
Arizona Blanc
Karoo White
Sahara Bright White
Nevada Frost
Nevada Silver
Sahara Cream
Sahara Peach
Arizona Peach
Sahara Pepper
Sahara Fresia
Sahara Leaf
Sahara Lime
Arizona Turquoise
Black Chome
Fifteen Channel Wall Switch - £31.41
Fifteen Channel Remote Control - £62.80
From: £400.51 RRP: £471.19

The roller design moves the two layers of fabric past each other, making it possible to line up the transparent and opaque bars as desired. Let light filter through, block it out, or adjust them to your specification. Fully customise the blinds to match the colour of your fascia, end caps and fabric. Easily operate the blinds either by a handheld transmitter, switch or a timer. The blind is battery powered with a lithium battery that holds its charge for an impressive six to nine months. The battery can be re-charged by using a charger that is available to purchase or by a solar charger that plugs into the motor. Mains powered motors are also available.

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