User what is a Connection Bridge


Our customers frequently inquire about connection bridges and why they may need one with their chosen track or pole. In this blog, we aim to provide answers to those questions.

A connection bridge is a small yet significant part that connects two separate tracks. It is specifically designed to fit into the ends of two tracks or poles, allowing them to be joined together seamlessly.


The benefits of using a curtain track connection bridge include:


Continuous and smooth operation: 

A connection bridge allows you to seamlessly open and close curtains across two tracks which have been joined tobether. It allows curtains to move smoothly across the entire span without any interruption or catching at the joint.


Increased track length:

Connections Bridges are especially important when covering large windows or bi-fold doors. Sometimes, the length of a single curtain track may not be sufficient to cover such a wide opening and therefore, using a connection bridge, you can combine multiple tracks to achieve the extra length you need and enabling you to cover larger areas with a single curtain system.


Enhanced aesthetics: 

By using a connection bridge, the joint between the tracks becomes almost invisible, creating a visually pleasing appearance. The curtains can smoothly glide across the complete track system without any visible gaps or interruptions, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the space.


Easy installation and maintenance: 

Connection bridges are designed to be user-friendly and straightforward to install. They often feature a simple snap-in mechanism or screws for secure attachment. Additionally, they require minimal maintenance, ensuring the long-lasting performance of the curtain track system.


Overall, a curtain track connection bridge provides a practical solution for joining curtain tracks, offering improved functionality, expanded possibilities for curtain configurations, and a polished look for your window treatments.


We hope we have answered some of our questions about connection bridges but if you need more information then why not give our team a call on 01494 460198 who will be more than happy to