Elevate Your Space with Silent Gliss 1280 Curtain Track System

Searching for a curtain track that effortlessly combines versatility and durability? Look no further than the Silent Gliss 1280. This hand-operated, heavy-duty white curtain track is tailor-made for the UK market, offering a seamless and smooth operation, ideal for heavyweight curtains that demand both style and functionality.

The Silent Gliss 1280 Curtain Track stands as a pinnacle of innovation and practicality in the world of window furnishings.This heavy-duty, hand-operated white curtain track is specifically designed to effortlessly support medium to  heavyweight curtains, ensuring a seamless and smooth curtain operation. With patented roller gliders that glide effortlessly along the front channel with minimal friction, the 1280 track provides an unparalleled level of ease and quietness in curtain movement. Its versatility extends to customisation, allowing lengths of up to 6m as a single piece, and even accommodating bay windows with expertly engineered bends by our skilled technicians in our warehouse in High Wycombe. This uncorded metal track not only handles medium to very heavy curtains with grace but also boasts a space-saving design, making it an ideal choice for various window configurations, including limited spaces and bay windows.

Key Features:

1. Patented Roller Gliders:

The Silent Gliss 1280 boasts patented roller gliders that effortlessly traverse the rim of the front channel with minimal friction, ensuring a whisper-quiet, smooth operation for your curtains.

2. Customisable Length:

Tailored to your exact needs, the track is available up to 6m as a single piece. For lengths exceeding 6m, tracks are supplied in 2 equal halves with a connecting bridge, providing a hassle-free solution for larger windows.

3. Tailored for Bay Windows:

Elevate your bay windows with the Silent Gliss 1280. Our skilled engineers can expertly bend the track to complement the unique contours of your bay or L-shaped windows. 


4. Stylish Colour Options:

Choose from a selection of five sophisticated colours—White, Slate Grey, Gunmetal, Antique Bronze, and Taupe. This diverse range allows you to seamlessly integrate the 1280 into your decor, expressing your individual style while enjoying its heavy-duty performance and smooth operation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We often get asked questions by our customers so we hope to address them here:-

Q: Does the track 1280 come with roller glides included in the price?
A: Absolutely, the 1280 includes roller gliders as standard, ensuring you get the full package for an exceptional curtain hanging experience.


Q: Hi, does the 1280 track come with ceiling fitting brackets?
A: Indeed, it comes with universal brackets as standard. You also have the flexibility to opt for ceiling fix brackets based on your installation preferences.


Heavy-Duty Performance:

The Silent Gliss 1280 is crafted for the UK's discerning tastes and is not recommended for lightweight curtains. However, for medium to very heavy curtains, this uncorded metal track is the epitome of reliability. The roller gliders handle the weight effortlessly, offering a sophisticated solution for a range of curtain styles prevalent in the UK.

Space-Saving Design:

Beyond its heavy-duty capabilities, the 1280 track boasts a sleek design, measuring a mere 17mm in depth from top to bottom. This compact profile makes it an ideal fit for UK spaces with limited room, between ceilings and windows, or for those with bi-folding patio doors, ensuring a harmonious blend of style and practicality.

Ideal for Bay Windows:

The Silent Gliss 1280 is engineered for perfection and can be bent within our UK-based factory by our specially trained engineers. Tailored for bay windows, it achieves a minimum radius of 150mm, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique window layout. It's also adaptable to curved or semi-circle windows, offering a bespoke solution for various architectural styles found across the UK.

So, the Silent Gliss 1280 Curtain Track System not only delivers robust performance for heavy curtains but also introduces an element of sophistication to your UK living spaces. Explore the endless possibilities of customization and relish the ease of operation with this top-tier curtain track.


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