FAQ : Are brackets and gliders included with all Silent Gliss Tracks?

If you're in the process of considering Silent Gliss tracks for your window treatments, you might be curious about the contents of the package. One common question that frequently arises is, "Are brackets and gliders included with all Silent Gliss Tracks?" In this blog post, we aim to provide a clear and concise answer to this commonly asked query.


Indeed, they are! Silent Gliss takes pride in delivering comprehensive solutions for your window dressing requirements. When you make a purchase of a Silent Gliss track, you can have confidence knowing that it comes complete with both standard gliders and brackets.



Each Silent Gliss track package includes standard gliders. You'll receive one glider for every 10cm of track length, ensuring you have the appropriate quantity of gliders for smooth and effortless movement of your curtains or drapes along the track. These gliders are crafted for both durability and user-friendliness.


In addition to gliders, Silent Gliss tracks are also accompanied by standard brackets. The quantity of brackets supplied corresponds to the length of the track you select. This ensures a secure and stable installation of your track, whether you opt to mount it on the wall or ceiling. These brackets are designed to provide sturdiness and reliability, ensuring your window treatments remain securely in place.


So, If you've been wondering whether Silent Gliss tracks come with brackets and gliders, the answer is a definite yes! Your Silent Gliss track package is inclusive of both standard gliders and brackets, tailored to the track's length. This means you'll have everything necessary for a trouble-free installation and seamless operation of your window treatments.


Hopefully this answers the question fo you regarding the contents of Silent Gliss track order. If you have further enquiries or require additional assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our team at 01494 460198. We're always here to assist you!