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Made-to-Measure Colorama Roller Blinds - Silent Gliss 4905

Silent Gliss Colorama roller blinds are small, trendy and colourful. The blinds are bespoke and made-to-measure to suit your requirements.

Colorama roller blinds fit perfectly into small window frames without appearing obtrusive. The roller blind system includes elegant brackets, a slim tube and a discreet bottom bar. These unique fixings match the colour of the blinds, allowing you to create a seamless look.

These attractive roller blinds are available in 27 different colours and two fabrics. Fabric samples are available upon request – please contact us.

From: £230.98 RRP: £271.74

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Colorama 1
Colorama 2
From: £230.98 RRP: £271.74

Silent Gliss Colorama roller blinds are made-to-measure and available in a range of colours and fabrics. The blinds discreetly adapt to every room design and feature a smooth chrome chain sidewinder system.

Small is Beautiful

The Silent Gliss Colorama blind system includes brackets, a slim tube and a discreet bottom bar, which all come in a colour of your choice. Click-in brackets allow easy installation for any window frame. Colorama blinds are the perfect choice for small windows, thanks to the discreet chain operating system.

Add a Splash of Colour

These blinds are available in 27 different colours. The large range ensures that they will match perfectly with any interior design scheme. We offer two different fabric qualities, which create different translucent effects.

Colorama 1 offers a translucent voile effect that allows light in, while giving privacy. It also reduces the damaging effect of the sun's rays on furniture and artwork.

The Colorama 2 fabrics are slightly thicker, providing greater sun protection and reduced light. The Colorama 2 has less translucent qualities than the Colorama 1 but still has a heavy voile effect.

Colorama Blind Measurements

The minimum width for Colorama roller blinds is 25 cm. Colorama 1 fabric is available in sizes up to 140 cm wide, with a drop of 250 cm. If you prefer Colorama 2, this fabric can be measured up to 140 cm in width, with a drop of up to 170 cm.

The Silent Gliss Colorama roller blinds will make the perfect addition to any living space. Buy yours today.

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