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Silent Gliss 60mm Horizontal Fixing Bracket for Pole

The Silent Gliss Standard 11216 Horizontal Smart Fix wall bracket extends the poles 51mm from the wall to the centre of the pole. It has been designed with a 18mm slot that fits to the pole which allows the centre of pole to adjust from 33mm - 51mm from the wall. The Horizontal fixing bracket is also designed to fit in areas where wall fitting space is limited. Instead of the bracket having a longer vertical back plat it has a shorter but wider back plate for wall fixing. This means that the Horizontal bracket will only require 29mm of wall space to fit. The bracket also comes complete with matching cover which hides the fixing screws used to attach the bracket to the wall. The 11216 horizontal bracket is part of the Silent Gliss smart fix range of brackets. Each set is sold individually

White - £13.25
Matt White - £14.84
Ecru - £14.84
Ochre - £14.84
Sand - £14.84
Taupe - £14.84
Silver - £13.25
Chrome - £24.72
Anodic Grey - £14.84
Slate Grey - £14.84
Gunmetal - £14.84
Charcoal - £14.84
Black - £14.84
Bronze - £14.84
Antique Bronze - £14.84
From: £13.25 RRP: £15.59

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The Silent Gliss Horizontal 11216 Bracket is perfect bracket when wall fitting space is limited. The bracket depth from top to bottom including the bracket cover is only 29mm which means that the wall space required to fit the bracket is reduced. The bracket has a slot instead of a screw hole which is used to screw down into the pole to connect the two together. The slot allows the pole to be moved forward and backs on the bracket by 18mm moving the distance from the wall to the centre of the pole from 33mm to 51mm. This is very useful when fitting to walls that are not straight or flat, or when you are fitting in a bay window and flexibility means the difference to a pole fitting or not to the shape. Like all the Silent Gliss smart fix brackets the bracket cover is included as part of the set and is available in all fifteen colours that the Metro Pole is available in.

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