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Silent Gliss 60mm Extension Bracket with Cover for Poles

The 11206 Bracket is the standard bracket supplied with all 36mm, 30mm & 23mm Metropole orders that request face fixing brackets. It is available in Fifteen different colours to match the curtain poles and comes complete with a magnetic cover that hides the screws used to fix the bracket to the wall. Sold individually.

White - £8.03
Matt White - £8.03
Ecru - £8.03
Ochre - £8.03
Sand - £8.03
Taupe - £8.03
Silver - £8.03
Chrome - £14.74
Anodic Grey - £8.03
Slate Grey - £8.03
Gunmetal - £8.03
Charcoal - £8.03
Black - £8.03
Bronze - £8.03
Antique Bronze - £8.03
From: £8.03 RRP: £9.44

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The Silent Gliss 60mm Extension Bracket for the Metropoles projects 51mm from the wall to the centre of the pole. It is supplied as standard when face fixing brackets are requested on the 6100 Metroflat, 6130 Metropole, 6120 Corded Metropole and the 1003 Mini Metropole. The face fix 11206 bracket is available in all fifteen of the Metropole colours. The bracket is designed to fix into an insert that fits in the top of the Metropole using a grub screw. The insert can be moved to any location along the curtain pole giving flexibility when fitting. The fact that the insert fits into the top of the pole means that the brackets never interfere with the running of the curtains. A slot is also provided in the front of the bracket to give flexibility forwards and backwards by 18mm making the centre of pole distance from the wall adjustable from 33mm - 51mm. This can be particularly useful when fitting poles to bay windows. The bracket also comes complete with a magnetic cover which hides the screws used to fix the bracket to the wall. .

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