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Ball End Finial for 23mm 7600 Metropole

A finial that fits to the end of the pole giving an elegant finish to the pole. Sold individually.

Matt White
Gun Metal
£48.31 RRP: £56.84

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Introducing the Ball Finials, compatible with the Silent Gliss 23mm Metropole – a timeless blend of style and versatility for your window dressing needs.

Elevate the character of your space with the 23mm Metropole, a sophisticated curtain pole designed to make a statement while seamlessly linking with various room aesthetics. The true beauty lies in the details, and with the addition of Ball Finials, you have the power to enhance the overall charm of your interior.

Key Features:


Versatile Design: The 23mm Metropole is crafted for versatility, allowing you to effortlessly integrate it into any room setting - with the 23mm 7600 Metropole, you can change the finials to upgrade the look of your window dressing.


Classic Ball Finials: Elevate your window treatment with the timeless elegance of ball finials. The classic shape adds a touch of refinement suitable for a wide range of applications.


Individual Finial Purchase: Each ball finial is sold individually, giving you the freedom to customise the number of finials based on your specific needs and design preferences.


Colour Options: Express your style with choices. The Ball Finials are available in five distinct colour options, ensuring you find the perfect match for your decor.


Compatible with Silent Gliss 23mm 7600 Metropole: Specifically designed for use with the Silent Gliss 23mm 7600 Metropole, ensuring a seamless and secure fit.


Enhance Your Space: Whether you're aiming for a subtle and sophisticated look or a bold and striking statement, the Silent Gliss 23mm Metropole with Ball Finials provides the ideal canvas for your window decor masterpiece. Elevate your interior design with a touch of classic charm and modern functionality.


Note: The Ball Finials are sold separately from the pole, allowing you the flexibility to create a truly personalised window dressing solution.


Revitalise your space with the Silent Gliss 23mm Metropole and Ball Finials – where timeless design meets contemporary elegance. Choose a curtain pole that not only supports your drapes but also adds a touch of refined style to your living space.

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