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This is where you’ll find all the finishing touches to compliment your new or existing curtain poles or tracks. We’ve got everything you need to make sure you can dress your window exactly as you want it, down to the tiniest detail.

Decorative extras

Our impressive range of finials and midials let you customize your curtain poles. Finials are attached to the ends of the poles for a decorative look. Midials can be fitted anywhere along the length of the pole. These allow you to add your own personality and artistic flair to your windows: perfect when decorating a room. Our finials and midials are made from several different materials in all sorts of colours and designs. Whether you want something loud and vibrant or subtle and elegant we have the product you need.

Holdbacks are fixed to the wall either side of your window to neatly gather the curtain and let more light into the room. The holdbacks in our collection offer you a range of sizes and styles to match the image you’re looking for. Neo Range holdbacks are more minimalistic, whereas our glass disc holdbacks are bright and colourful. Matching midials are available for several of our holdbacks. Keep an eye out for these on the individual listings.

Functional features

Curtain poles and tracks are attached to your wall or ceiling with a bracket. All our poles and tracks come with standard brackets, but we also offer a vast range of different designs. Extension brackets let your curtain hang to the floor without dropping on to objects that might be in the way. We have brackets that are compliant with all the pole and track collections on our website.

And everything else...

Our miscellaneous section covers everything else you need to decorate your window. Here you will find pulleys, gliders, extra pole rings, connection bridges, cord weights and tensioners, tape (to tidy the appearance of tracks) and even sprays for eliminating creases and for preserving the smooth running of tracks and poles.

Everyone’s tastes are different and the accessories needed for each window are often varied. If you are unsure about what you require for your window why not contact our expert team?

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Finials & Midials
Finials and midials are decorative accessories that you can use to add your own personality to the curtain pole. Finials are fitted to the ends of the poles and midials can be fitted anywhere along the pole to allow you to personalise the pole even on windows where a finial cannot be fitted. With an attractive range of colours and styles, adding finials and midials to a pole is a great way to add your own individuality and creativeness to your window. Finials and midials are sold individually.
Holdbacks are used to dress your curtains away from the window. This allows more light into your room and dresses the window with a softer look. The holdbacks can also match the midials for a coordinating effect. With an attractive range of colours and styles they are a very nice finishing touch. Holdbacks are sold individually.

These items are some of the products that can be used to enhance the tracks and poles. Some of these products, such as the intermediate pulleys, which are used to cord the poles or tracks at both ends allowing curtains to be drawn independently of each other are essential depending on the size and shape of the window. Our quotation process will indicate when such items are required or recommended. If you would like more information on any of these products please call and one of our experienced consultants will be pleased help you and to explain in more detail. Miscellaneous products are sold individually unless otherwise stated.

Brackets are used to fix your curtain track or pole to the wall or ceiling. Although standard brackets are included with the curtain tracks and poles, we also offer a wide range of brackets that can be used to project the curtain track or pole forward so that curtains can drop to the floor missing any obstructions. Extension brackets can also be used to fix two tracks or poles to the same bracket reducing the amount of drilling required. Brackets are sold individually unless otherwise stated.

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