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Uncorded Curtain Tracks

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Uncorded Curtain Tracks

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Uncorded curtain rails are among the simplest and most user-friendly designs of curtain track available. Their unobtrusive nature means they can effortlessly add a subtle elegance to the decor of any room in the home, and they’re also extremely practical. As they’re hand operated, uncorded rails have a minimalist feel, yet operate smoothly and quietly.


Our uncorded tracks offer a great deal of flexibility. Whatever your requirements, our skilled technicians have the expertise to customise the rail for a perfect fit. Thanks to our computerised equipment, we can bend the tracks without damaging them. This means they’re suitable for both straight and bay windows. Our experts will be only too happy to help create a bespoke product to fit the precise measurements of your window.

Top Quality

Silent Gliss uncorded tracks are made to a very high quality and are therefore exceptionally long lasting, whilst remaining maintenance free. They are manufactured using precision engineering which fuses aluminium with high grade nylon to ensure maximum functionality and efficiency. Uncorded designs are extremely reliable as they generate less friction when the curtains are drawn. Silent Gliss uncorded curtain tracks are bespoke products that can only be bent by trained professionals using special tooling. These products are manufactured and bent in our factory by trained engineers.


We have uncorded rails suitable for any weight of curtain, from lightweight fabrics to thick, heavy materials. The Silent Gliss 1080 is great for sheer curtains, or those made from light cotton or linen, while the 1280 version can cope with something a lot more substantial. They can also be used with a range of bracket extensions to hold the curtain further from the wall, or you can attach them to the ceiling instead.

Unsure, why not ask?

Uncorded curtain tracks are an uncomplicated and effective way of decorating your windows. Our dedicated experts have years of experience in the industry, so if you’re unsure which design is for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Silent Gliss 1080 Uncorded Metal Track
Silent Gliss 1080 Uncorded Metal TrackThe Silent Gliss 1080 Uncorded Metal track is the best selling uncorded metal curtain track in Europe. It is a very versatile track that can be used on straight or bay windows, and can even be reverse bent or bent down the spine of the track for arches. The Silent Gliss 1080 is for use with light/medium weight curtains and can be top fixed, or face fixed with a range of extension brackets. Available in white, silver, black, bronze, cream, and gold. The brackets are available in gold, brown, or white and are fixed at 60cm intervals. There is only one screw required for each bracket which means, less drilling and fewer holes in your wall.

Overall an excellent choice, if an uncorded metal track is required for voiles or light/medium weight curtains.
Black Black   Bronze Bronze   Brushed Aluminium Brushed Aluminium
Cream Cream   Gold Gold   Silver Silver
White White   
Window shape:
Silent Gliss 1280 Uncorded Metal Track
Silent Gliss 1280 Uncorded Metal TrackThe Silent Gliss 1280 Uncorded Metal Track is a heavy duty uncorded metal track. The 1280 has roller gliders that enable the track to handle medium to very heavy curtains with less friction than the normal gliders such as those used on the 1080; this allows for a much heavier weight of curtain to be hung. It can also be used with a specially designed overlap arm that will allow smooth running of the curtains and provide an overlap between a pair. The 1280 track can be bent both forward and reverse, within our factory by our specially trained engineers, and uses the same brackets as the 1080, 3000 and 3900. It is the ideal track for any uncorded situation.
White White   
Window shape:
Silent Gliss 3840 Uncorded Metal Track
Silent Gliss 3840 Uncorded Metal TrackThe Silent Gliss 3840 is an ideal track for top fixing or for using as a room divider. The top fixing brackets are fitted underneath the track so that they are hidden once the track is fitted. The back and front of the track also look the same making it ideal for use when creating a divide between two rooms. The Silent Gliss 3840 can be bent to suit bay windows and can also be face fixed to a wall or frame. The 6283 roller glider can be added to the system so that the curtain track can take very heavy curtains. The Silent Gliss 3840 hand drawn track is also compatible with the wave system and can have any one of 6346, 6345 and 6098w wave gliders added. The wave gliders are used in conjunction with the wave heading tape to create a curtain heading style which gently waves forward and back creating a minimalistic look which stacks neatly and tightly back when the curtains are open. The Silent Gliss 3840 curtain rail is available in five colours white, silver, black, gold, and bronze. The 3840 is an ideal track for heavy or wave headed curtains and top fixing.
Black Black   Bronze Bronze   Gold Gold
Silver Silver   White White   
Window shape:
Silent Gliss 6243 Uncorded Recess Track
Silent Gliss 6243 Uncorded Recess TrackThe Silent Gliss 6243 curtain track is designed to be recess fixed into a ceiling. This means that the track fits into a hollowed out channel in the ceiling so that the curtain track is not visible, leaving the curtain floating from the ceiling and virtually flush with it. It can be made up to 600cm in one piece for long windows and bi-fold doors. The pre-drilled holes every 20cm makes fitting simple and efficient. The track comes in white as standard and can be bent in our factory to suit bay windows. The Silent Gliss 6243 can also be fitted with the wave glider as an option which, in conjunction with the wave heading tape, creates a gentle wave of curtaining. The wave glider and heading system is also available in a roller glider format, making operating heavy wave headed curtains smooth and efficient. For traditional headed curtains there is also a roller glider option which will take heavy curtains.
White White   
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