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Uncorded Curtain Poles

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Uncorded Curtain Poles

Simple and elegant, you can’t beat the look of an uncorded curtain pole. This method of hanging curtains has been used for years, but you don’t necessarily have to go for a traditional design. We have poles with rings for a classic look, but designs with gliders are also available – a great halfway house between pole and track.

Poles with Rings

Our uncorded poles with rings feature some clever ideas to make your life easier. The Bradbury steel pole can be bent to fit bay windows, for example, and has specially designed rings that move easily past the supports. We also have pre-packed poles which offer great value for money, and stylish made to measure versions which can be accessorised with finials and midials. With poles ranging from 19 to 50mm, there are plenty of options available so you can pick a design that matches the layout of your room and the weight of your curtains.

Poles with Gliders

If you’re after something a little more modern, a pole with gliders is a great solution. The Silent Gliss Metropole comes in a huge range of finishes, which makes it easy to match it to the style of your room. Choose a wood effect for a traditional feel, or a sleek coloured or metallic design for something a little more modern.

The gliders on the Metropolitan pole allow it to operate smoothly so you’ll never struggle to close the curtains again. This system is great for heavy curtains or large windows. There’s even a flat version of the pole, which would suit an angular, minimalist pad.

Practical and Safe

Whether you go for gliders or rings, an uncorded design will last for years, especially with designs from Silent Gliss and other quality brands. The Bradbury pole is guaranteed for 6 years, so you can be sure it’s built to last.

Uncorded poles are also a good choice if you have young children. We offer free safety devices with all our corded designs, but eliminating the cord means there’s no way for little ones to get tangled.

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Poles with Gliders
Poles with gliders, such as the Silent Gliss Metropole designs, offer the minimal look of a curtain pole with the functionality of curtain tracks.

The Metropole curtain pole works with gliders to create a smooth and efficient opening system, while looking like a pole. A channel in the bottom of the Silent Gliss Metropole or Metro Flat curtain pole allows the gliders to slide along underneath, creating less friction and stress on the pole than on a regular curtain pole. This allows large expanses to be crossed and heavier curtains to be hung. Another advantage is that brackets can be placed anywhere along the track and the curtains will glide past the brackets, which is not possible with a regular curtain pole. Multiple curtains can also be hung on the same Silent Gliss Metropole curtain pole. Our curtain poles with gliders can also be bent for bay windows and are available in a huge range of sizes, shapes, colours and styles.

The Metro Flat pole differs from the Silent Gliss Metropole curtain pole designs in that it is flat in design rather than pole shaped, and your decision between the two depends upon the look you want to create with your curtains; they both offer the same efficient glider systems.

Poles with gliders, such as the Silent Gliss Metropole or Metro Flat designs, are ideal if you require a bay window curtain pole, have heavy curtains or for a weak fixing as extra brackets can be used without restricting the curtains. They are also ideal for top fixing high on a wall as the pole fits almost directly to the ceiling. With all our poles with gliders you have the choice between a ceiling and wall fixing. If you open and close your curtains often and want the efficiency of a track but a more decorative look, then the Silent Gliss Metropole and Metro Flat range is for you.

Get an instant quotation for Tracks-Direct’s poles with gliders for free; simply select the Metropole curtain pole or Metro Flat curtain pole below, select the window shape required and click go. You will then be asked to enter the size of the track or dimensions of your bay. A quotation will instantly appear at the bottom of that page. Please ensure the dimensions and sizes are entered in centimetres.

Poles with Rings
Poles with rings are what everyone thinks of when they imagine an uncorded curtain pole, but that doesn’t mean this sort of design has to be old fashioned. We have a wide selection of metal poles which are equally at home in modern or traditional settings. From the Bradbury stainless steel pole with its strength and versatility to the great value of the Hallis Hudson Neo range, we have a product to suit everyone.

Easy to Use

Uncorded poles with rings are easier to use than people think, thanks to modern design innovations. All our curtain poles have rings with hidden nylon interiors for a smoother and quieter pulling action, while the Bradbury steel pole features C shaped rings and advanced curtain pole brackets which allows curtains to effortlessly glide around bends. This also means you can have multiple brackets for a strong fixing.

Made to Measure or Off the Shelf

We have a wide range of poles so you can buy the exact product you need. If you have a simple straight window and need a stylish curtain pole at a great price, the Hallis Hudson Neo range is perfect. For a little more sophistication you might like the stunning finials of our Galleria poles, or the effortless chic of the Designer range might be more your thing. We also offer a range of rod diameters and lengths to suit the weight of your curtains and size of your window. Alternatively, you might want the sheer quality of the stainless steel Bradbury pole. This made to measure product can be customised to fit any window, however awkward the shape may be. That means it’s perfect for bay windows: our experts will bend the pole using computer technology for a perfect fit. The Bradbury Pole can also be supplied in one length up to 600cm, making it perfect for long and tall windows.

Poles for Eyelet Curtains

Just because the poles here are shown with rings doesn’t mean you have to use them that way. All these designs can be used with eyelet curtains for a great modern look. We can customise all our curtain poles to suit your requirements.

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