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Bay Window Curtain Poles
Bay windows are great features, bringing loads of natural light into your home and giving you more space and panoramic views. When it comes to dressing the window it is far better to have something bespoke or custom made than an off-the-shelf DIY product. If you have a round bay window you have curves to contend with, and square shapes need curtain poles bent to sharp angles for a perfect fit and to ensure your curtains move freely around the bay. Try as you might, it’s virtually impossible to get it right with some DIY curtain poles. Our bay window curtain poles and tracks are bent in our factory by engineers using special equipment. We use advanced computer software to check your measurments, draw out the bays and plot them to scale. That way, you know they’ll fit and you don’t have to worry about making a mistake.

Quality Products Made to Measure

All our bay window products have been chosen for quality and their ability to be bent to fit. These include the stainless steel Bradbury pole, which is a traditionally shaped design specially created for bay windows. In fact, it’s the only bespoke, stainless steel curtain pole for this purpose you can buy online. Its innovative design means you can move the rings past the supports with ease. We also have the Metropolitan pole (Metropole) from Silent Gliss, which combines the convenience of a curtain track with the style of a customisable pole design. Gliders mean you can open and close the curtains smoothly, with or without a cord, and there are a range of sizes and finishes available. Whether you want a simple flat design or a pole shape with finials and midials, we’ve got something for everyone.

Why Not DIY?

You might think you can just go to a hardware store and get a DIY curtain track, but it’s not as easy as that. Designs you can bend yourself are invariably light and of poor quality so you can shape them without specialist tools. Our bay window curtain poles are the best available and our range can deal with seriously heavy curtains. We don’t sell DIY products for the simple reason we don’t think they’re worth the money.

Order Online

To order online or see how much it will cost, all you need to do is find the design you like, select your window shape and click ‘Go’. You’ll then enter the measurements of your bay window, answer a few simple questions and you’ll be given a price. When it comes to measuring, we’ve got lots of diagrams, guides and tools to help you, but if in doubt you can get in touch. We’ll talk you through the whole process so you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you need.

Corded Curtain Poles
If you like the look of a curtain pole but want the convenience of a track, there is a great solution: a corded curtain pole. This type of pole has the shape of a traditional design, but uses gliders instead of rings. You’ll never have to struggle opening and closing the curtains again; the curtain runs smoothly and effortlessly along the pole. All you need to do is pull on the cord.

Silent Gliss Metropole

The Our Silent Gliss 6120 and 6160 Metropoles are great examples of how useful corded designs can be. Also known as Metropolitan poles, these are high quality products (as you’d expect from such a well known brand) and are perfect for hanging medium or heavy weight curtains. We sell two sizes of Metropole: the 30mm 6120 and the 50mm 6160. Both can be used for bay windows, and which version you choose will largely depend on the size and scale of your room. If you have high ceilings or slow, sweeping curves, the larger 50mm pole will make a definite impact, while the 30mm version is perfect for smaller spaces or tight angles. There are also a range of finishes available: if you have a rustic farmhouse you could go for a beech or oak effect, while more modern interiors look great with a metallic finish.

Finials and Midials

Another advantage of a corded pole over a track is that you have the ability to customise the design by adding finials and midials. These fit on the end or middle of the pole to make the effect just that little bit more special. You could order a ball finial that matches the finish of the pole, or attach a wooden or bamboo accessory for a natural look.

Straight or Bay Windows

Our corded poles can be custom bent by our technicians using the latest computer technology. That means they can be fitted to virtually any window, whether you have a round, square or angled bay, want to hang curtains across a corner window, or have a simpler situation in mind. The thinner Silent Gliss 6120 is the most versatile design as it can be bent to sharper angles than the chunkier 6160. However, the size of the 50mm pole makes a strong statement for a great look.

Functional and Stylish

With the curtains running smoothly along the pole on nylon gliders, the convenience of a cord and stunning designs available, a corded curtain pole is the perfect mix of function and style. They can even be combined with uncorded poles so you can have lightweight voiles and heavier curtains at the same window.

Uncorded Curtain Poles
Simple and elegant, you can’t beat the look of an uncorded curtain pole. This method of hanging curtains has been used for years, but you don’t necessarily have to go for a traditional design. We have poles with rings for a classic look, but designs with gliders are also available – a great halfway house between pole and track.

Poles with Rings

Our uncorded poles with rings feature some clever ideas to make your life easier. The Bradbury steel pole can be bent to fit bay windows, for example, and has specially designed rings that move easily past the supports. We also have pre-packed poles which offer great value for money, and stylish made to measure versions which can be accessorised with finials and midials. With poles ranging from 19 to 50mm, there are plenty of options available so you can pick a design that matches the layout of your room and the weight of your curtains.

Poles with Gliders

If you’re after something a little more modern, a pole with gliders is a great solution. The Silent Gliss Metropole comes in a huge range of finishes, which makes it easy to match it to the style of your room. Choose a wood effect for a traditional feel, or a sleek coloured or metallic design for something a little more modern. The gliders on the Metropolitan pole allow it to operate smoothly so you’ll never struggle to close the curtains again. This system is great for heavy curtains or large windows. There’s even a flat version of the pole, which would suit an angular, minimalist pad.

Practical and Safe

Whether you go for gliders or rings, an uncorded design will last for years, especially with designs from Silent Gliss and other quality brands. The Bradbury pole is guaranteed for 6 years, so you can be sure it’s built to last. Uncorded poles are also a good choice if you have young children. We offer free safety devices with all our corded designs, but eliminating the cord means there’s no way for little ones to get tangled.

Corded Curtain Tracks
For a little more comfort, convenience and luxury at home, corded curtain tracks are the answer. With a corded design, stretching and struggling to open and close the curtains is a thing of the past. Just a quick pull on the cord and it’s done.

Easy to Use

Corded curtain tracks are fantastic, simply because they make it so easy to open and close the curtains. Instead of pulling the curtain fabric by hand, you pull a cord to operate the curtains, which move along the track on gliders. This means that even heavy, awkward curtains in hard-to-reach places can be operated with ease. The system is also great for light coloured or delicate curtains, which can be dirtied or damaged with too much handling.

Precision Engineering

Our corded curtain tracks are high quality designs from top manufacturer Silent Gliss. Unlike some of the rails you’ll find in DIY stores, our tracks are crafted from aluminium with high grade nylon cords. While cheaper designs are flimsy and have cords which fall out, our robust Silent Gliss products operate smoothly and are maintenance free. Both the 3000 and 3900 tracks have separate cording channels to make sure the cords don’t fall out, and the 3900 has wheeled gliders for an effortless curtain pulling action.

Stylish and Practical

Corded curtain rails are great if you aren’t as mobile as you used to be as they eliminate the need to stretch when opening and closing the curtains, but they also add a distinctive look to a room. While curtain poles are often large, statement making pieces, tracks tend to give a more subtle effect, allowing the fabrics you choose to speak for themselves. The Silent Gliss 3000 comes in a range of six colours, which look especially beautiful paired with light, sheer materials that would be overpowered by a pole. For heavier curtains, the Silent Gliss 3900 is perfect as it can take up to 22kg of weight.

Bespoke Curtain Rails

Whatever you’re looking for, we can make a track that’s exactly right for your room. They can even be used in bay windows; our expert team will bend the rails using computer software for a perfect fit. This is a bespoke product that can only be bent by trained professionals using special tooling. You can also choose the length of the pull cord and whether you want it to be accessible from one or both ends of the track.

Safe for Children

We provide free safety devices with our corded tracks so you can be sure they’re safe for your little ones. Even if you bought your track from us some time ago, get in touch and we’ll be happy to send one to you.
Uncorded Curtain Tracks
Uncorded curtain rails are among the simplest and most user-friendly designs of curtain track available. Their unobtrusive nature means they can effortlessly add a subtle elegance to the decor of any room in the home, and they’re also extremely practical. As they’re hand operated, uncorded rails have a minimalist feel, yet operate smoothly and quietly.


Our uncorded tracks offer a great deal of flexibility. Whatever your requirements, our skilled technicians have the expertise to customise the rail for a perfect fit. Thanks to our computerised equipment, we can bend the tracks without damaging them. This means they’re suitable for both straight and bay windows. Our experts will be only too happy to help create a bespoke product to fit the precise measurements of your window.

Top Quality

Silent Gliss uncorded tracks are made to a very high quality and are therefore exceptionally long lasting, whilst remaining maintenance free. They are manufactured using precision engineering which fuses aluminium with high grade nylon to ensure maximum functionality and efficiency. Uncorded designs are extremely reliable as they generate less friction when the curtains are drawn. Silent Gliss uncorded curtain tracks are bespoke products that can only be bent by trained professionals using special tooling. These products are manufactured and bent in our factory by trained engineers.


We have uncorded rails suitable for any weight of curtain, from lightweight fabrics to thick, heavy materials. The Silent Gliss 1080 is great for sheer curtains, or those made from light cotton or linen, while the 1280 version can cope with something a lot more substantial. They can also be used with a range of bracket extensions to hold the curtain further from the wall, or you can attach them to the ceiling instead.

Unsure, why not ask?

Uncorded curtain tracks are an uncomplicated and effective way of decorating your windows. Our dedicated experts have years of experience in the industry, so if you’re unsure which design is for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Electric Curtain Tracks
You might think curtains that open and close themselves are for the house of the future, but there’s no reason you can’t have electric curtain tracks in your home today. Motorised designs like the Silent Gliss 5100 are great for adding a little more comfort, style, security and practicality to your life.

The Automated House

Home automation is the latest interior design trend, and all our electric curtains fit into a high tech house perfectly. They can be activated by remote control or timer – perfect if you’ve got a home cinema projector and want to block out bright light, or you want the curtains shut when it gets dark to keep the house warm in winter. The tracks are also great for offices, conference centres and meeting rooms to help control light levels.

Great for the Elderly

Electric curtain rails are perfect for older people who may have mobility problems. Stretching up to pull the curtains closed becomes a thing of the past as you can just press a button or set them to work on their own. Motorised designs also deter burglars as the curtains can be set to open and close even if you’re not in the house.

Made to Measure

All our electric curtain tracks are made to measure in our factory and can be bent by our trained engineers using the latest computer technology, so you can be sure they’ll fit. The 5100 Autoglide is an entry level system that can take up to 25kg of curtain weight and can be used for bay windows with up to two bends. We also manufacture more advanced designs (5600) that can be wired into home entertainment and lighting systems. These heavier duty electric tracks are ideal for curtains up to 40kg in weight and are suitable for multiple bend bay windows. These motorised tracks have more options than the Autoglide system and include features like integrated radio receivers.

Silent Gliss

Our electric curtain rails consist of systems from Silent Gliss, the leading supplier of motorised curtains and blinds. With such a reputation for quality, you know you’ll have a great product that will last for years to come.
Electric Curtain Poles
You don’t need a futuristic home to have modern creature comforts. Our electric curtain poles make the point perfectly, combining a classic pole shape with the latest in home automation technology. And because they’re from Silent Gliss, you know you’re getting a quality product.

Luxurious and elegant

Motorised curtains have been around for a while, but until now, the designs have mainly been flat tracks rather than poles. This electric pole from Silent Gliss gives you the look of the standard 50mm Metropole with the added convenience of automation. Whether you’re after a traditional or contemporary look, these designs will fit into virtually any home.

Fully Customisable

With these electric rails, there are plenty of options available to give you exactly what you need. Choose the length, which side you’d like the motor, the colour of the finish, and what accessories and features you’d like. Six finishes are available to help match the product with your decor, including metallics and neutral colours, and there are finials available to complete the look. You can have a simple push button model, or extra features like a remote control, timer or light sensor. The Metropoles here can carry up to 15kg of weight above a straight window, but we can also manufacture more advanced designs for heavier curtains (up to 40kg) and awkward situations. These can be wired into home entertainment or lighting systems, and include even more features, such as integrated radio receivers. If you have a particular project in mind, feel free to get in touch for more information.

More Reasons to Buy

Our electric curtain poles are perfect if: • You have large windows and find it difficult to reach and draw the curtains. • You have delicate curtains that could get dirty or damaged if touched too often. • You’re one of those people who like to have the latest technology. • You watch a lot of movies or have books and antiques which are susceptible to damage from UV rays (the light sensor model can be set to close the curtains in bright light). • You’re worried about security (the curtains can be set to close at a certain time or when it gets dark, even when you’re on holiday). • You’re elderly or disabled, or have family members who are. Remote controls and automation mean you don’t have to move a muscle. • You’d like a little more luxury and convenience in your life. Take a look at our range below, or give us a call if you can’t see what you need. Chances are we can make something just for you, and we’ll match any like for like quote.
This is where you’ll find all the finishing touches to compliment your new or existing curtain poles or tracks. We’ve got everything you need to make sure you can dress your window exactly as you want it, down to the tiniest detail.

Decorative extras

Our impressive range of finials and midials let you customize your curtain poles. Finials are attached to the ends of the poles for a decorative look. Midials can be fitted anywhere along the length of the pole. These allow you to add your own personality and artistic flair to your windows: perfect when decorating a room. Our finials and midials are made from several different materials in all sorts of colours and designs. Whether you want something loud and vibrant or subtle and elegant we have the product you need. Holdbacks are fixed to the wall either side of your window to neatly gather the curtain and let more light into the room. The holdbacks in our collection offer you a range of sizes and styles to match the image you’re looking for. Neo Range holdbacks are more minimalistic, whereas our glass disc holdbacks are bright and colourful. Matching midials are available for several of our holdbacks. Keep an eye out for these on the individual listings.

Functional features

Curtain poles and tracks are attached to your wall or ceiling with a bracket. All our poles and tracks come with standard brackets, but we also offer a vast range of different designs. Extension brackets let your curtain hang to the floor without dropping on to objects that might be in the way. We have brackets that are compliant with all the pole and track collections on our website.

And everything else...

Our miscellaneous section covers everything else you need to decorate your window. Here you will find pulleys, gliders, extra pole rings, connection bridges, cord weights and tensioners, tape (to tidy the appearance of tracks) and even sprays for eliminating creases and for preserving the smooth running of tracks and poles. Everyone’s tastes are different and the accessories needed for each window are often varied. If you are unsure about what you require for your window why not contact our expert team?
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