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Corded Curtain Poles

If you like the look of a curtain pole but want the convenience of a track, there is a great solution: a corded curtain pole. This type of pole has the shape of a traditional design, but uses gliders instead of rings. You’ll never have to struggle opening and closing the curtains again; the curtain runs smoothly and effortlessly along the pole. All you need to do is pull on the cord.

Silent Gliss Metropole

The Our Silent Gliss 6120 and 6160 Metropoles are great examples of how useful corded designs can be. Also known as Metropolitan poles, these are high quality products (as you’d expect from such a well known brand) and are perfect for hanging medium or heavy weight curtains.

We sell two sizes of Metropole: the 30mm 6120 and the 50mm 6160. Both can be used for bay windows, and which version you choose will largely depend on the size and scale of your room. If you have high ceilings or slow, sweeping curves, the larger 50mm pole will make a definite impact, while the 30mm version is perfect for smaller spaces or tight angles. There are also a range of finishes available: if you have a rustic farmhouse you could go for a beech or oak effect, while more modern interiors look great with a metallic finish.

Finials and midials

Another advantage of a corded pole over a track is that you have the ability to customise the design by adding finials and midials. These fit on the end or middle of the pole to make the effect just that little bit more special. You could order a ball finial that matches the finish of the pole, or attach a wooden or bamboo accessory for a natural look.

Straight or bay windows

Our corded poles can be custom bent by our technicians using the latest computer technology. That means they can be fitted to virtually any window, whether you have a round, square or angled bay, want to hang curtains across a corner window, or have a simpler situation in mind. The thinner Silent Gliss 6120 is the most versatile design as it can be bent to sharper angles than the chunkier 6160. However, the size of the 50mm pole makes a strong statement for a great look.

Functional and stylish

With the curtains running smoothly along the pole on nylon gliders, the convenience of a cord and stunning designs available, a corded curtain pole is the perfect mix of function and style. They can even be combined with uncorded poles so you can have lightweight voiles and heavier curtains at the same window.

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  • Silent Gliss 6120 - 30mm Corded Metropolitan Metal Pole

    The Silent Gliss 6120 Metropole curtain Pole is our best selling pole. It is a 30mm corded metal pole that comes in a large range of colours and many different styles of finials and midials that can be purchased as extra accessories. The best and most extraordinary element of the 6120 metal pole is that it is cord operated. The cord operation means that rather than handling the curtains to open and close them a cord at the side can be pulled to operate the curtains. This prevents the curtains from getting damage and dirty. An excellently designed pole, that has the attractiveness of a pole but with the benefit of being internally corded, perfect for bay or straight windows with medium to heavy weight curtains.

    Practical, stylish and suitable for all shapes and sizes of windows.

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  • Silent Gliss 6160 - 50mm Corded Metropolitan Metal Pole

    The Silent Gliss 6160 Metropole curtain Pole can carry the same weight of curtains as the 6120 Metropole. The difference is the diameter of the pole is 50mm rather than 30mm. This makes the 6160 Metropole ideal for fitting high up as the pole thickness will still make it a prominent feature of the room. Smaller poles can disappear when fitted high up. The 6160 is also corded with the same an internal cording system as the 6120 to avoid having to handle the curtains. The 6160 can also be bent for bay windows but has a larger radius that may mean it is not suitable for small bay windows.

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