Spotlight on the Silent Gliss 6130 Metropolitan 30mm curtain pole


Uncorded pole for bay windows

The 6130 Metropolitan curtain pole.

The Silent Gliss 6130 Metropolitan pole is the best curtain pole for bay windows.  The reason for is that the Metropole works by using gliders in a channel under the pole rather than a ring around a pole.  This opens up a lot of possibilities and makes the working of the curtain pole much more effective.


The fact that the Metropolitan curtain pole uses gliders rather than rings means that the curtains run smoothly past the brackets.  We are able to bend the 6130 Metropolitan pole for bay windows using a radius of 300mm, whilst the gliders run smoothly around the bends.  Another benefit is that because the brackets are fitted to the top of the pole and the gliders hang from underneath the pole the Metropole can be fixed flush to the ceiling which is great for windows that go all the way up to the ceiling such as Dormer windows or drop ceiling in bays.  All poles with rings require the pole to be dropped down from the ceiling by about 60mm which creates a gap which is both unsightly and also lets light come through.


Below are a few points why the Metropolitan pole is the best pole for long windows or bay windows.


  • The Metropolitan pole uses gliders rather than rings.  Rings often get caught on the brackets as they slide past.  The gliders in the Metropole makes the system run much smoother.
  • The Metropolitan curtain pole can be fitted flush to the ceiling.
  • The Metropolitan curtain pole can be bent to suit most bay windows.
  • The Metropolitan curtain pole has a coice of 13 different finishes – cream, bronze, gunmetal, black, steel grey, white, diva gold, classic gold, chrome effect, anodised silver and wood effects; mahogany, oak and beech.
  • Metropole is also available with a range of finials and midials offering a contemporary or traditional finish so the curtain pole can be customised to suit most rooms.
  • The Metropolitan curtain pole can carry up to 20kg of weight using the standard gliders.  For heavier curtains an option for roller gliders is available allowing the Metropolitan curtain pole to take up to 35kg of weight.
  • The Metropolitan curtain pole is easy to fit to wall or ceiling with a choice of brackets.


The Silent Gliss Metropolitan curtain pole is offered on our website with a discount of 15%.  We also make a price match and guarantee on this product giving you piece of mind that this exceptional product is also sold at an exceptional price.


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