Spotlight on the Silent Gliss 3900 Corded Curtain Track

The Silent Gliss 3900 corded curtain track is an exceptional curtain track.  It is operated by pulling a looped draw strings that can be located at either end and can pull up to 25kg of curtain weight.  For heavy curtains an intermediate pulley can be added to the track so that the track is corded at both sides splitting the weight of the curtains between the two pulls, the left hand to operate the left curtain and the right to operate the right curtain.


What makes the 3900 curtain track so special is its internal mechanism.  Most tracks that operate with draw strings need the cords tensioned; this is to avoid the cords coming out ofCross Section of 3900 track the track.  The Silent Gliss 3900 curtain track has separate internal cording channels that the cords slide through; these channels contain and regulate the cords keeping all the cording exactly where it should be.  This also allows the track to be reverse bent so that it can be bent backwards to come outside of bay windows and into the room if required.  This combined with the wheeled roller gliders make the Silent Gliss 3900 the most suitable corded curtain track for bay windows and the heaviest duty domestic track on the market.


The Silent Gliss 3900 is offered on our website with a discount of 15%.  We also make a price match and guarantee on this product giving you piece of mind that this exceptional product is also sold at an exceptional price.

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