Recommended Curtain Tracks and Poles. Made to Measure Silent Gliss.

Now that I have got the “don’t buy DIY” thing off my chest I should really start giving guidance on what products are good for your window.

If you have a straight window that is 120cm with lightweight curtains (less than 150cm drop) and do not use them very often, then there is nothing wrong with buying a readymade packaged pole or track (I can’t believe I said that).  However, how long it will last is another matter. What if your window is larger than this or is a bay? In the UK we have a large proportion of bay windows, what is the solution in these instances?

Ideally you will then need a made to measure curtain track or curtain pole.  These are products that are made to suit your window be it bay or straight and designed to carry different types of curtains.  The recognised leading brand for made to measure curtain tracks and poles is Silent Gliss.  Silent Gliss have been established in this country for over 50 years and have become the leading brand of made to measure curtain tracks in the country supplying curtain tracks and accessories to the trade to suit every eventuality. So much so that they are often imitated and you will find a great deal of Silent Gliss copies available from companies that do not have the pedigree or sustainability of Silent Gliss.  The Silent Gliss products are all made of aluminium and pass the most stringent quality checks.  They do not supply any plastic rubbish of the likes seen in outlets up and down the country.  All the Silent Gliss products come with a manufacturers 5 year guarantee and can be seen in high street department stores such as John Lewis.  Some of the Silent Gliss products that are available are: Corded curtain tracksuncorded curtain tracks, corded curtain poles, uncorded curtain poles, electric poles and electric curtain tracks.  They do many, many more products which would be far too many to list, if you have a specific requirement then please contact me. Only authorised companies can manufacture Silent Gliss products one of which is Tracks Direct.

“But surely made to measure curtain tracks and poles are more expensive” you ask.  Yes they are but not as much as you would think especially when you consider the additional use that a quality product will provide.  For example a packaged Plastic curtain track at 250cm long retails for around £33.00 you would then most likely have to cut it down to size to suit your window.  The Silent Gliss uncorded 1080 curtain track that is aluminium with nylon brackets and gliders is available cut to size and ready to fit for £34.37 on our web site.  Why buy a plastic track and do all the work yourself when you can buy a much better product and have it made to size at little extra cost?

All the Silent Gliss products are designed so that they can be bent to suit bay windows by a qualified curtain track engineer.  These are not products that you can bend at home yourself; they take a qualified curtain track engineer with special tools and machinery to be able to bend them correctly.  Tracks-direct have been bending curtain tracks and poles for over 20 years and our qualified engineers are able to offer advice support and help should you require.

So for a little extra cost you can buy a curtain track or pole, straight or bent for your window which is made by a qualified curtain track engineer specifically for your window.  Why would anyone buy a packaged product?

If you would like further information please do not hesitate in Contacting Me or click on the links within this blog for further information.

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