Electric Curtain Tracks: The Future for Curtain and Blind Operation

Electric curtain operation is the latest technology for the curtain and blind market.  Specialist electric curtain tracks are ideal for large, hard to reach windows which are becoming more and more popular in modern houses and office blocks.

Here at Tracks Direct we supply made-to-measure electric curtain tracks which are excellent for adding security and a touch of luxury to your home. Timer and light activated systems make these tracks ideal for the regular traveller as they can be set to open and close at certain times.  Electric tracks are also perfect for the less able bodied, as they come complete with an easy to use remote or switch.

Silent Gliss 5090TC Autoglide electric curtain track with remote control, timer and light sensor

Heavy and hard to reach curtains can ruin traditional curtain tracks, so why not modernise your home and treat yourself to a custom made electric curtain track? Our range consists of tracks designed by Silent Gliss, the leading international supplier of electric curtains and blinds. We manufacture advanced electric curtain track systems such as the 5400 and 5200 systems which can be wired into either a lighting or home entertainment system. These heavy duty tracks are perfect for curtains ranging up to 40kg in weight and can be customised to fit multiple bend bay windows.  Suitable for integration with Lutron and RAKO electrical systems.  The 5400 and 5200 advance motors are also available with an integrated radio receiver which can link into most radio controlled systems.  The 5400 and 5200 systems make home automation simple and efficient.

Electric curtain and blind tracks are often used in conference rooms and home cinemas. Use the handy remote system to draw your curtains halfway, creating the ideal ambience in your room. Conservatories and sun rooms often need a high quality blind system to keep them cool. Make life easier and purchase a specialist electric curtain track.

Designs such as the Silent Gliss 5090 Autoglide electric track feature a handy switch for opening and closing your curtains. Alternatively, why not alter the ambience in your home from the comfort of your armchair with the Autoglide 5090IR, which comes with a compact remote control? Click here for more information.

Add security and luxury and modernise your home with convenient electric curtain tracks.

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