Corded Curtain Tracks are Better than Uncorded Curtain Tracks

Made to measure corded curtain tracks are a very underrated and under used product.  I have had many discussions with people looking to replace a corded curtain track with a hand drawn curtain track because they complained that their existing one never worked properly.  The problem in all these instances was not that the original curtain rail was corded it was because they were sold one that was not of a good enough quality for their purpose in other words it was a miss sold product.


At we have corded curtain tracks suitable for every shape, size and situation.  Light weight domestic curtains may only need a 3000 corded curtain track.  Heavy weight domestic curtains may need a 3900 corded curtain track.  Bay windows and long curtains may need to have a pulley each side to split the weight of the curtains.  We even have corded curtain tracks such as the 6370 corded curtain track and 6200 corded curtain track suitable for stage and hall curtains which can carry over 60kg of heavy weight stage curtains with chain weighting.


Basically if you buy a corded curtain track that is made to measure bespoke product from a quality company who know about the products and know what they are selling and why there is no reason why you should select a hand drawn curtain track over a corded curtain track.


The benefits of corded curtain tracks are numerous.  They range from protecting the curtains from constant handling which can soil them to preventing them from damage such as tearing.  Corded curtain tracks also provide ease of use for windows that have obstructions.  Some bay windows have shelves, sofas or TV’s in the way to prevent someone being able to hand draw a curtain track from one side to the other.  With a corded curtain track this is never an issue.


The corded curtain tracks also offer the same benefit over curtain rods and curtain poles.


Don’t be miss sold a corded curtain track make sure that the company you buy it from are willing to guarantee the product.  At tracks-Direct all our products come with a 5 year guarantee, and all our sales staff are not just trained in product knowledge but also trained in how to assemble, cord and bend the product so that they have full technical, practical and full working knowledge of all our products.

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