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Silent Gliss curtain tracks, poles & accessories

As an experienced global supplier, Silent Gliss curtain poles and tracks are of the very highest quality.

Whether you want corded or uncorded poles, corded or uncorded tracks, or automated Silent Gliss curtain tracks, you will be sure to find what you want from Tracks-Direct. When choosing the main supplier for our web store, one name stood out – Silent Gliss.

Curtain poles and tracks from Silent Gliss are used in commercial premises as well as many homes, making them one of the world's biggest manufacturers of curtain tracks and poles.

With Tracks-Direct, you will be able to customise our range of Silent Gliss curtain poles with our selection of finials and midials. Our expert technicians will be able to bend your choice of Silent Gliss curtain pole or curtain track to fit straight and bay windows.

Silent Gliss information

Silent Gliss was set up in the 1950s by the Swiss engineer Alexander Weber. He developed the first silent curtain rail by combining nylon gliders and aluminium tracks. Since then, the company was expanded into a truly global operation.

The Central Research and Development Centre in Gümligen, Switzerland, continues to develop new curtain rails. One of the major innovations from the centre has been automatic Silent Gliss curtain tracks. These can be set to open and close depending on the time of day or level of light, adding luxury and security to your home.

Whether you want your home to be fun or formal, Tracks-Direct and Silent Gliss have curtain tracks, poles and accessories that meet your vision.

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