Curtain Poles and Curtain Heading styles.

Over the past five years we have seen a large increase in the number of eyelet curtains that we are making.  Eyelet curtains are a heading style that involves the pole going through rings that are punched top of the curtain.  These are very modern and very attractive but are not totally practical for all situations.
The problem with Eyelet curtains is that due to the way the rings fit entirely around the pole it does not allow the Eyelet curtains to go past the brackets.  This limits the quantity of brackets that a pole with Eyelet curtains can have to three, if two curtains to the window are required, and only two if one curtain is required.  This is okay if the window is a straight and not very wide, but what if your window is a bay window or over 250cm or you want to fit the pole to the ceiling.  You would be wrong to think that you are stuck with a traditional curtain heading like the triple pleat or pencil pleat heading (which are now quite dated and are not necessarily suitable for some modern properties).  There are other alternatives.
The Wave curtain heading style is a great alternative to Eyelet curtains.  The smooth flow of the wave curtain heading looks similar to the smooth flow of an Eyelet curtain, with the added bonus of it being hung from underneath the pole allowing the curtain to be pulled past brackets, around bends and fitted to the ceiling.  Combining the wave heading style with the Silent Gliss made to measure poles or tracks will both be practical and stylish.
The wave curtain heading is the most revolutionary thing to happen to curtain making in the last 50 years.
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Wave curtains on an Autoglide Elecctric Track.


Wave Curtain Heading on a Metro Flat Track Fitted to the Ceiling.


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