The Bradbury Pole: A traditional pole with rings that work for bay windows

Bradbury Steel PoleIn our time as curtain manufactures, wholesale curtain track and pole providers we have often been asked to supply and have often supplied traditional poles with rings for bay windows. The problem is they never worked properly.

The problem lies with the fact that rings do not like going past brackets. Even C-rings and passing brackets have problems when using them. Also the knuckle joins or flexible corners never work like they should and interfere with the operation of the curtains. When we pull curtains we tend not to stand directly under them and pull them level and straight over the brackets, we tend to reach over a sofa or table and pull them inwards and across the window. This is where most C-rings tilt and start catching the bracket and you find yourself standing on a chair pulling the rings individually past the brackets and around the bends.

Finally, after many, many years of research and development we have come up with a solution. A stainless steel pole that can not only be bent to a radius of 30cm forward and reverse but also has a bracket that does not get in the way of the rings.

bay window curtain poles

The bracket is designed to screw up through the bottom of the pole and is cut away so that even pulling the curtain at a 45 degree angle will not make the ring hit the bracket.

Finally, the pole can also be used in conjunction with eyelet curtains although caution must be taken when buying eye let curtains as there is still no way of eyelets to pass brackets.there is a curtain pole with rings that can work on large straight or bay windows. Available in one piece up to 600cm in length (yes 6 metres wide in one piece) this pole can be bent to suit a bay window perfectly. And there is no need to worry about the fitting and measuring of the pole, we have designed the brackets to be adjustable from 11cm to 14cm to allow for uneven surfaces or small adjustments to window dimensions.

The pole itself is a high quality stainless steel 30mm in diameter and can be bent by our trained engineers to bend as a gradual curve semi-circle or at a radius of 30cm for angled bends.

We have also selected a range of finials to compliment the pole and its design that range from simple and modern to the more traditional.

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