Add a Touch of Luxury and Security to your Home with Electric Curtain Tracks

When moving into a new home or updating curtain tracks and poles, many people are under the impression that the mechanical devices are too expensive and not worth the hassle of setting up. However, electric curtain tracks are now perfectly affordable and can be an ideal way of adding a touch of luxury and security to your home.

The electric curtain track can be operated in various different ways. The remote control mechanism enables users to open and close their curtains from the comfort of their sofa. Timer and light activated systems can open and close curtains even when you are not home; a great security feature for deterring burglars when you’re on holiday or at a party. Some curtain track specialists will even supply electric tracks which are operated using integrated radio receivers. These can be conveniently linked to a handset or home entertainment system.

Traditional curtain tracks often need to be replaced as the curtains will begin to stick, making opening and closing curtains a difficult task. Many of the luxurious curtain sets on the market today are made of very heavy materials. This can make manual operation unsafe, particularly with the use of a pull cord as these can pose serious health and safety problems, including the risk of strangulation to small children.

Electric curtain tracks can also be created for bay windows. It can be very difficult to find a good quality curtain track or pole for a bay window as many home stores do not have the resources or facilities to bend their tracks. However, curtain track specialists will now supply made to measure electric curtain tracks. The manufacturing of bay window curtain tracks is completed using specialist software technology that checks the customer’s measurements, ensuring they are completely accurate. This enables the manufacturer to create an electric track system that fits your bay window perfectly.

Electric curtain tracks are great value for money. They are reliable and will last for years on end. They come complete with full warranty and customer support. For luxury and convenience in your home, choose electric curtain tracks.

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