Electric Curtain Tracks

Electrically operated curtain tracks are designed to open and close your curtains without having to handle the curtains or the need to have cords dangling to the side.  Once electric curtain tracks would have been considered frivolous and likely only bought by the extremely well off.  Now they are considered to be safer and more secure than the other curtain track options.  There is a range of different options that offer different benefits depending on what it is you seek.
Added Security For Your Property
An electric curtain track can add security to your house by creating the illusion that someone is at home even when they are not.  We have had lights that can turn themselves on and off for a long time, now we have curtain tracks that can open and close when you are not at home.  An electric curtain track that has a timer and light sensor can be set to close when it gets dark and open when it gets light.  The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted to take into account the amount of light in the area and to make sure that the curtains do not have to close as soon as a dark cloud comes over or open as soon as the sun is up.  The timer can be set to open and close at specific times and will override the sensor.
Added Child Safety.
Last year sadly 6 children died after getting caught on curtain and blind cords.  Having an electric curtain track eliminates the cords that are found on some curtain track and blind systems.  If you have a curtain track or blind with a cord please make sure it is fastened to the wall.  If you do not have a way of securing your cords to the wall please contact us and for the price of a stamp we will send you a free cord tidy.
A Touch of Luxury.
When the remote control systems for televisions became available many people thought that they were pointless and to have one would be lazy.  Now we all have televisions with remote controls and we would not think of going back to the old way of getting up and changing the channel.  Will curtain tracks be the same?  They are now available with either just an infra-red remote control or infra-red control and timer with light sensor.  We even do electric curtain tracks that operate using integrated radio receivers which can be linked either to a hand set or to an existing home entertainment system.  They can even be set to open and close using a web enabled phone.
There is a wide selection of electric curtain tracks, all of the electric curtain tracks that we supply can all be bent to suit bay windows.  We can now also supply electric curtain poles.
Be Careful When Purchasing Electric Tracks – Brand Counts.
We understand that as a potential customer, you are always looking for a good deal, but do not be deceived by cheap alternatives.  When purchasing an Electric track brand does matter.

Silent Gliss is the leading global supplier of motorised and manual curtain and blind systems to the high end market. Their focus is on quality and innovation, something that some of the competitors lack.
We are aware that there are some cheap alternatives out there and wanted to make you aware of why they are cheaper.In the past, we have found some alternative electric curtain tracks…are much noisier
are less reliable
are slower
are made to a price at the expense of quality and reliability
are harder to fit
leave ugly and badly designed parts showing when fitted
have shorter warranty periods
do not have customer support to the same standard as Silent Gliss
The best way to know whether a product is a leading brand is to look at what the large department stores and retailers supply.  Companies like John Lewis will not supply a product that is problematic and unsupported.
For more information please do not hesitate in contacting us.
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